Most frequently asked questions about HackShield

What is HackShield?

HackShield is a game that trains children aged 8 to 12 years old to become aware of and self-protecting against cyber crime. With this game, children are trained to become Cyber Agents that can protect themselves and their environment against the dangers of the online world. 

By playing levels children will learn a lot about very important cyber security subjects and via quests they can also challenge their, for example, parents or grandparents! They can even build their own levels in the Level Maker. The levels that are built can be shared with friends - so don't make them too easy for them...

HackShield cooperates with many municipalities in the Netherlands. This cooperation is set up because municipalities and the police are looking for cyber security ambassadors (Cyber Agents) to help make sure that children and their environment will use the internet safely. The municipalities and the police are very happy with the help of the Cyber Agents and therefore the best Cyber Agents will even get the chance to be officially honoured! Are you playing for your municipality yet?

How can I play Hackshield?

You can play HackShield on a laptop or PC via You can also play on a tablet or smartphone, by downloading the app in the App Store or Google Play.

Is HackShield free?

Yes, HackShield is free and will always be free. There are no in-app purchases either. HackShield is non-profit and does not engage marketing targeting children.

Do I need an account to play HackShield?

You can play the first level without an account. To continue playing after that, you'll need to create an account.

Would you like to get a chance to win prices or become the number one Cyber Agent for your municipality? Then you'll have to leave the e-mail address of someone that's 18 years or older. We will use this e-mail address to contact your parents for example, when you have won a prize! For more information, you can read about it in the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.

Can I win anything?

Yes, there are several different awesome HackShield prizes you can win (such as books and T-shirts). For example, during competitions from partners, via your municipality or with HackShield events. To have a chance on winning, you must create an account and it is important that you add an e-mail address of someone who's 18 years or older, such as a parent or guardian. Note that this e-mail address should be verified as well. Check our website regularly to see if there's any prizes to win!

How do I become a Cyber Agent?

Awesome, you want to become a Cyber Agent! Quickly get started with the Basis Training so you'll learn all about hacking, safely browsing the internet and possible danger. When you're done with the Basic Training, you're a Cyber Agent! Then it's your duty to protect yourself and your environment from online danger, for which you'll learn more skills via the Quests.

I'm a Cyber Agent, now what?

You've become a Cyber Agent, great! You can now protect yourself and others against cyber crime. In the quests you can find different challenges through which you can teach your parents and grandparents about, for example, online security. But we will also help you to give a speech in your classroom on cyber security!

Do you have other ideas about what you could do as a Cyber Agent? Let us know here!

How do I become a Cyber Agent for my municipality?

To become a Cyber Agent for your municipality, you'll have to create a HackShield ID. Here you can indicate if you want to become a Cyber Agent for your municipality. This is very easy by simply mentioning your municipality while registering an e-mail address of a parent/guardian.

As of this moment not every single municipality in the Netherlands is looking for Cyber Agents yet. If a new municipality is added to our cooperating municipalities and looking for Cyber Agents, we will let you know on our News page.

I collected all the Shields, but another Cyber Agent has more points. How is that possible?

Did you get all Shields? Well done, Cyber ​​Agent! Of course, now you want to be at the top of the Leaderboards. But…. Someone else is already in first place. How is that possible?

If a Cyber ​​Agent has more points than you, it could be for two reasons:

1. The Cyber ​​Agent has played more levels via the Level Maker or the levels of this Cyber ​​Agent have been played more than once. Every time you play a level of another Cyber ​​Agent or if your level is played by another Cyber ​​Agent, you earn points. The more levels you play and the more times your level is played, the more points you score. So get started quickly with the Level Maker and earn those points!

2. The Cyber ​​Agent has earned Shields with special Challenges or during events. From time to time you can participate in a special HackShield challenges. You can score extra Shields and points with this. If you go to a HackShield Event you can even earn an extra Shield and points here. But be aware, these Challenges and Events often only last a few days or weeks. So keep an eye on your HackShield Inbox to make sure you don't miss a Challenge or Event!

Why do I have to play Hackshield again from the start?

Have you played HackShield before but can't pick up where you left off? Then you may have an old account. At HackShield we are always working to update the game and make it even better and cooler. It is therefore possible that you can no longer play with an old account. Create a new account and play through all the renewed levels and quests. That should be easy for you as a true Cyber Agent, right?

My question is not here!

Do you have another question or did you run into a problem while playing HackShield? Then you can send us a message at We aim to answer your question within three working days.

I'm older than 12, am I still allowed to play HackShield?

If you are older than 12 of course you can still play HackShield. However, this version of HackShield was originally created for children between the ages of 8 and 12. Therefore it may happen that you are not invited to a (municipality) ceremony if you are on top of the leaderboards, but older than 12. The age limit has been set to ensure an honest competition.