Learning goals

Students learn...

  • that online bullying, just like offline bullying, can have major consequences.
  • that because of the role of the internet, nasty messages can be spread very quickly, among many people.
  • how to behave sporty online
  • what are things you can do if you are being bullied online yourself.
  • that the role of spectators is very important when it comes to online bullying, and that you also have a responsibility in this.
  • that as a hacker you have the chance to choose whether you want to join the good or the bad people.
  • how to explain what cybercrime is parallel/link between online/offline crime (breaking into a house is illegal, breaking into a digital environment is also illegal)
  • what consequences cybercrime can have for themselves and for victims
    how to train their digital skills in a good way


The class quest earns in-game points. Individually, but also as a class. The points that the students, who are trained to become Cyber ​​Agents via HackShield, determine their place on the leaderboard.

After completing each class quest, which can only be played via a Teacher Account, you as a teacher will receive a code. Students can enter this code into their individual account and receive points and a Shield. These can be found in their HackShield account.

Inspiration and deepening with this class quest



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any more questions about HackShield in the Class, or any other question about HackShield? These Frequently Asked Questions may answer those! If your question isn’t in these, you can contact us by sending an email to info@joinhackshield.nl.

What does HackShield (in the Class) cost?

HackShield is free to play for all kids. HackShield in the Class is available for all schools to use - for free!

What tools and materials do I need to use HackShield in the Class?

With only a digital schoolboard you can play the Class Quests. If you don’t have a digital schoolboard, it is also possible for students to complete these missions in small groups on a tablet or computer.

I have a student who is a Cyber Agent, do I have an advantage?

You sure do! You have someone who can tell you about HackShield, the internet and online safety. If there are students in your class who are already Cyber Agents, you can assign them to tell the rest of the group what it is like to be a Cyber Agent, to trigger the others' enthusiasm and curiosity.

How do I know when there is a new Class Quest available?

When we launch a new quest, we will send you an e-mail with an update, via the teacher account you are registered with. Every month at least, a new quest will come available!

Can I skip a Class Quest and teach it another time?

Yes, that is possible. This way you always can reach out to the available lessons when cyber crime topics are, for example, a hot topic in the current news.